Thank you for the goosebumps Vincint Cannady!

It’s been a while since I’ve experienced goosebumps listening to music, but tonight I was introduced to Vincint Cannady.  I had never seen The Four and was flipping channels and landed on it this evening.  How very fortunate for me.  I am in love.  Vincint has the voice of an angel.  He is unique, interesting, handsome, and TALENTED.  I wish he had won.  The last two contestants had beautiful Whitney-eque voices and the winner, Evvy, knocked the Tina Turner song out of the park. But I had already fallen for Vincint.  I was truly moved from the beginning to the end of this song – real tears.  You just know it when someone puts their full heart and soul into a piece of art/music and this hit that mark.  I hope Vincint finds his place among the stars.  I certainly would be a regular.

Good news! I hear he may be on American Idol.  He might be too good for that.

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