Vintage Hygge Christmas 2017

Today we took down the Christmas decorations.  Well, not all of them – I need some lights, candles, blankets, and throws to get through the next few cold, wintery months.  I started off the month of December in search of a sled to remind me of times when I went sledding as a child. I found the perfect sled – and immediately was reminded of fun memories of my sister and I being pulled on the sled by my Dad in the fields behind the tractor.  I knew this had to come home with me as part of my vintage hygge Christmas.  IMG_8131


The next weekend, I went vintage shopping with one of my best friends to see if I could find some unique gifts or gift inspiration.  I found an old vintage frame that had been painted turquoise and decided to make this into my new Christmas card display.  First, I measured and ordered some rustic chicken wire. I cut this to size using wire cutters and then used a sturdy staple gun to staple it securely to the frame, making sure the wire was stretched evenly across the frame.  I hung this up at the foot of our stairs so that it is the first thing we see when we come downstairs every morning. We’ve used some tiny Christmasy clothespins to attach cards from friends and family and it certainly has brought JOY to know that we have been remembered in this way during the Holidays.

The next weekend I baked Christmas cookies. I tried a variety of new recipes and some tried and true favorites.  I made lemon crinkle cookies, grinch mint chocolate chip cookies (with green food coloring), almondIMG_4269 amaretto snowballs, Reese’s peanut butter trees, peppermint bark, and toffee.  My new favorite was the lemon crinkle cookie. The lemon was not overpowering and they were chewy and scrumptious. The toffee was also interesting to make and incredibly tasty.  The recipe came from and thank goodness she took time out to share her Better Than Anything Toffee Recipe.  Unfortunately my Reese’s looked more like ghosts than trees, but they tasted like Reese’s so I packed up some tins and gave these homemade treats to co-workers, friends, and family for the holiday.

I took my time decorating this year, creating mini-vignettes all throughout our home, trying to pare down our decorations.  I bought some wired boxwood at the garden nursery and made mini-wreaths for the kitchen and created a Christmasy coffee nook.


We then sent out Christmas cards and headed to Chicago to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas in the Windy City for a change of pace since my family gets together in the new year for Christmas.  Check out my Windy City Christmas  blog for some fun ideas for exploration in Chicago during the Holidays.  Thank you for touring our hygge vintage Christmas home!


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