Tired of the Same Stale New Year’s Resolutions?

At the Tree of Life, our goal is to help others establish a more meaningful, joyful, enlightened, and healthy life.  A good place to start is with resolutions that can impact 12 key areas of your life.  Let’s take a closer look at these areas including some questions you can ask to identify goals for each area:

Compassion:  Are you in tune with the needs of others? How do you serve the greater good? Do you care for others to the best of your ability? Do you devote too much time to caregiving to the exclusion of your own well-being? Who or what most demands your attention – perhaps there is a need that you are particularly well-prepared to fill?

Creativity:  How does creativity express itself in your life? Do you create art, music, write, design, or bake?  What ideas would you like to share with the world?  Have you found a way to express your unique gifts, or are you living through others? Does your self-esteem prevent you from making your mark on the world?

Emotional Fitness:  Are you able to regulate your emotions to achieve your goals or do your emotions get in the way of your higher good?  Are you self-aware? Do you make regular time to reflect? How well do you manage stress? Do you spend enough time alone and enough time with others? Are you able to pay attention to those things that are most important or relevant to your life? Why or why not?

Exploration: Do you regularly make time for new things?  Do you travel, listen to new music, visit new businesses?  When is the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone to try a new food, a new book genre, a new restaurant? Do you judge others for having interests other than your own, or do you support and explore diversity in your own life?

Fuel: What are you putting in your body? Are you fueling your body with the type of fuel that will keep your engine running in the long run? Or are you habitually making less healthy decisions about how to fuel your body? When does your body feel best? What are barriers to fueling your body in such a way that you have more energy and mental alertness?

Hygge Home:  Do you have a home base? Do you spend time there? What makes it most comfortable or cozy? Are there things you can do to make your situation more livable or enjoyable? Are you using all of the space in your home? If not, do you need all the space you have or is there a way you can repurpose your space to make it more functional and joyful?

Joy: Do you regularly invite joy into your life? Do you have a good balance between the joy of productivity and mastery and the joy of living?  When is the last time you laughed? What do you find funny?  How often do you celebrate (even minor accomplishments)? What brings you joy and interest?

Movement: How much do you move on a daily basis? What types of movement do you find most enjoyable? Do you like to walk, dance, skip, hike, do yoga, run? Are there types of movement you would like to try? What barriers prevent you from trying new movement – how can you kick those barriers to the curb and get more movement into your life?  Do you have a good balance of movement to enhance flexibility as well as physical fitness?  Are you too focused on fitness to the exclusion of other goals?

Nature: Do you spend time in nature?  What do you enjoy most about the natural world? Are you doing what you can to protect our natural resources for future generations to enjoy? Have you visited a national park in your state? Are you aware of where your food comes from? Have you ever been to a farmer’s market or grown your own food? How can you improve your own environment so that you and others around you find more peace and enjoyment in your space?

Productivity:  What are your most important goals?  How do you maintain your motivation to keep working toward those goals? Do you manage your time well? What barriers prevent you from mastering your goals? If you were to look back next year, what productivity goals would you like to have achieved?

Relationships:  How well do you communicate your needs to others? Do you fight fairly? Does your lack of emotional fitness interfere with having a successful relationship? How close or intimate are you with your friends or partner? Are your relationships mutually supportive?  Are there relationships you would like to discontinue or begin?

Wisdom:  Are there skills you would like to learn in the new year? Are there books you would like to read or information you would like to learn?  Are there topics of interest that you would like to further explore? How do you make time for continued learning and mental growth?

These questions should help you to define resolutions or goals in several key areas likely to improve the overall quality of your life.  If you have a resolution in each area, it may feel quite overwhelming. I would recommend listing out your resolutions and starting with the top 2-3 resolutions that you find most important to your life.  In a future blog we will focus on how to best implement your goals to make them sustainable.  Great work defining meaningful resolutions!

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